Bill's Speedometer Shop
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Quality Service at Fair Prices, Established 1962

Bill's Speedometer Shop is a full service speedometer shop servicing all American made speedometers from 1900-1984. All speedometers are fully disassembled and parts inspected. All worn or broken parts are replaced and the speedometer head is then lubed and reassembled. The head is then tested and calibrated on the calibration machine. We service the following brands:
Stewart (Stewart & Clark)
Warner Instrument
Stewart Warner
Van Sicklen

  • We sell and service the follwing items:
  • Speedometer Heads, all makes listed above
  • Speedometer Cable and Housing, both in steel and brass, all diameters
  • Ratio box adapters to correct speedometer reading when changing rear end ratios, tire size, overdrive, etc.
  • For the old brass cars we sell and service all of the drive components; wheel gear, fiber gear, swivel joint, mounting clamps, cable, you name it!
  • Chrome and nickle plating of bezels and cases. Brass is cleaned and buff polished
  • Refinishing of faces as required
  • I have hundreds of NOS odometers, pointers, gears, etc. for the 30's 40's & 50's cars to make your speedometer look and function like new
  • We DO NOT work on electric speedometers or electric tachometers, gauges, and we don't do 6 volt to 12 volt conversions.