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Quality Service at Fair Prices, Established 1962

In 1959 my father, John Heidemann, bought his first antique car, a 1926 Studebaker. I was 11 years old at the time. In 1961, he was a rookie member of the Fox Valley Chapter of AACA in Illinois. At a club auction, he was mister nice guy and put in an opening bid of $20 for some crates of old speedometers. Well, nobody else bid, and he ended up taking home over 400 speedometers, mostly New Old Stock.

In 1962, he set me up as President of the speedometer shop, and we started advertising in Hemmings. We sold them for around $8 and repaired them for around $4. Remember, we only paid a nickle each for them!

I've had the speedometer bug ever since. As time went on, my dad specialized in 1902-1931 speedometers, and I did 1931 and up. In 1999, Dad died very suddenly. The last conversation we had, he asked me to finish up the one that was spread out on his workbench. So I went down to Florida, picked up all of his stuff and brought it back to Ohio. I finished the one he was working on, and before I knew it, all of the brass era car people wanted me to work on their speedometers and drives. So I shifted my focus to brass and specialized in that for the for 11 years.  I don't have very many Brass Era items left, but I help out when I can. My main focus now is rebuilding speedometers for American cars 1924-1990.


Here I am in the shop with a Jones Speedo/Clock combination.



January 2017 News!

Joining Bill’s Speedometer is Patrick Mescher. Pat will be helping with the technical portions of the workflow:

  • Overall technical portions of the work process: receiving, assessment, repair, clean, replace, recalibration.
  • Customer communication on requests, status, any problems and completion.

Pat brings an engineering and business background as well as the personal experience of being a long time vintage car owner. He upholds the mission to help owners keep their cars on the road with fair and quality work. Pat has already been helping with speedometer repair through 2016.

Wecome Aboard.